Eat nutritious food

It is such easy and common advice but often neglected. Eating healthy food helps keep balance and repair the body. In addition to this, eating food, such as vegetables and fruits, helps control fat and reduces obesity risk that affects fertility. 

Do not forget that you can feel full of the same amount of food; however, the food might contain different levels of fat and sugar. Therefore, you need to choose what you eat carefully. Consumption of coffee, alcohol, and carbonated drinks, which contain a high level of sugar, can affect the sperms and the ovary of aspiring father and mother as well as increase the risk of infertility. 

Eating healthy, taking vitamins and supplements is another way to enrich the body. For example, Astaxanthin, a natural Carotenoid that is an antioxidant, helps prevent the destruction of cells and oxidation that cause premature cell deterioration. Nevertheless, the consumption of vitamins and supplements should be under a doctor’s supervision.

If you are healthy, conception is not difficult. Let us make your dream come true. 

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