I have tried everything. I am tired. I give up

I have tried everything. I am tired. I give up but I will try again, no matter how many times I have to fall. 

Conceiving poses a unique challenge for each person; everyone has different physical conditions, therefore, different challenges. However, with the advancement in medical technology, infertility treatments have become more precise and effective. 

For mothers who have tried and failed multiple times, please do not despair. Each month presents a different level of success rate. Every month, there will be a fully developed egg that will be released from the ovary, this is called ‘ovulation.’ If you cannot conceive this month, next month will bring a new possibility. As long as our body is healthy and still ovulates, there is always a chance of conceiving. 

The most important thing is to not put pressure on yourself, relax, and follow the doctor’s advice. A husband can support and pamper his wife to help destress and motivate her to complete the mission because this mission is not one person’s responsibility but it requires efforts from both sides. Friends and relatives also should avoid putting pressure on aspiring mothers. 

A reminder to one’s self, get back up when you fall. No one loses every battle. 

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