When the time is right, the baby will come

When the time is right, the baby will come if we have regular sex. 

Stress from all social factors makes the Thais fall under constant anxiety and fatigue, especially among Millennials age between 18-35 years old. This group is the most suitable age for reproduction; however, they face challenges in finding the balance between work and personal life as well as with job stability. 

While, of course, on a day off everyone would prefer to spend time relaxing, watching their favorite shows, sipping a cold beer or doing their passionate hobbies, or basically what we call making the most of the time you have got. They simply forget that they should also be making family planning and having regular sex to have a baby they have been waiting for.

Do not forget that a baby can only be conceived when a couple engages in sexual activities. It will not happen from staring at the screen waiting for a miracle. The more you have sex regularly, the more chance you have at conceiving. 

Regular exercise, eating healthy meals, sufficient rest, and having suitable ways to deal with stress can keep your physical and sexual health strong. It will certainly lead to a successful conception. 

Where there is a will, there is a way. Let go of the old belief for the new attitude. 

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