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At BIC, our top priority is benefit of our patients.
Thousands of patients visit us every year, majority of them follow the recommendation from friends and family members who were successful after our fertility treatment.

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Dr. Viwat Chinpilas
Medical Director

Choosing BIC, you and your family will recieve superior services by leading professionals in the field of IVF.
At BIC, we ensure you a comfortable and joyful journey of fertility treatment.

Dr. Viwat

It has been more than 24 years that I started my carrier path as a fertility specialist!! This profession is so challenging to me, because of knowing from the start that technology of assisted reproduction wii improve consistently.

  • From painful and lengthy ovarian stimulation to self-administration drug and almost pain free.
  • From conventional IVF then ICSI (assited fertilization)
  • From day 2 or day 3 embryo transfer, then day 5 transfer.
  • From 3-4 embryos, then only single embryo transfer.
  • Finally, from transferring simple embryo to single embryo after pre-implantation genetic screening (PGT-A).
All these developments are to improve the chance of success of our patients and to help them to have healthy children through these technology. Fertility treatment is a combination of medical knowledge and art of cliniical judgement which deliver best experience for patients. So, please welcome to BIC where we will escort you through a journey of IVF treatment!!!.

IVF treatment or in vitro fertilization is suitable for couples who suffered from subfertility problems such as bilateral tubal blockage, pelvic endometriosis, chronic anovulation, PCOS or severe male factor.

IVF treatment is to stimulate a cohorts of eggs in that particular cycle and take them out for fertilization with sperms either by conventional or ICSI method and get number of embryos. Then the embryos will be cultured until day 5 when they reach blastocyst stage. Then we can either perform PGT-A before embryo tranfer or just tranfer embryo without PGT-A.

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