VDO : Egg freezing

6 Behaviors that contribute to infertility

Cigarette smoking: Once a cigarette is lit, it releases over 4,000 chemical substances and over 60 carcinogens which weaken the immune system, cause hormone imbalance, decrease sperm count in men and affect ovulation and uterus’s health in women. Junk food addiction: Regular consumption of low nutritious and high-fat food consequently leads to insufficient nutrients for […]

Get to understand and plan for your future

When we discuss about having children , some people may think that is distant topic .If indeed “Having children” is part of family planning.Which will bring stability in life .And as many people know Human reproductive age has a limited time. But many people allow that time to pass because they are not yet financially […]

Why @iRoamAlone decided to have “Egg freezing program”

What is egg freezing?

What is egg freezing? Egg freezing, or oocyte cryopreservation, is a process in which a woman’s eggs (oocytes) are collected and frozen at -196 °C. When she is ready to have a baby, the cryopreserved egg will be thawed to prepare for fertilize with sperm from her husband. The embryo will later become the expecting […]

When should I freeze my egg?

When should I freeze my egg? When a female reaches reproductive age, ovulation and menstruation will start. The key consideration for egg freezing is “the younger you are, the healthier and higher quality is the eggs.” The suitable age is from 28 years old because the eggs will be mature when you are young are […]

What do I need to do?

What do I need to do? You have read enough information about egg freezing and decided you would like to start the procedure.Let us guide you through all the simple steps: First, you have to get consultation and screening tests for existing conditions or diseases, such as irregular ovulation cycle, unstable hormones level. If the […]

“When will you have a baby?”

“When will you have a baby?” This question puts a lot of pressure on families with infertility. Consequently, it could lead to stress for aspiring mothers. Let us discuss how to handle this question. First, there should be a discussion within the family whether you are comfortable to talk about your issue and if you […]

I will have a baby when I am still healthy and able to grow happily with my child.

Global society is entering an aging society. By 2021, Thailand will become an aging society, with 20% of its population age over 60 years old. It would be ideal if every family would have children to take care of them; this would be good for families themselves and also bring a solution to a national […]