6 Behaviors that contribute to infertility

Cigarette smoking: Once a cigarette is lit, it releases over 4,000 chemical substances and over 60 carcinogens which weaken the immune system, cause hormone imbalance, decrease sperm count in men and affect ovulation and uterus’s health in women.

Junk food addiction: Regular consumption of low nutritious and high-fat food consequently leads to insufficient nutrients for the body. The recommended diet consists of various type of food that contains high protein, more fruits and vegetable. For example, the Mediterranean diet is a very good option.

Excessive eating: Being overweight has an impact on fertility and decreases reproductive ability. It has also increased the chance of miscarriage. Overweight women will take twice the time to conceive while overweight men would have decreased sperm’s count and quality.

Lack of exercise: Exercise helps keep aspiring parents healthy and in good shape. It also helps stimulate sex drive and reproduction, making them more likely to conceive than those who don’t exercise.

Coffee and carbonated drinks consumption: Coffee contains caffeine which contributes to infertility. 300 Mg. of caffeine per day (approximately 3 cups per day) can increase infertility rate by 26%. Carbonated drinks contain a high amount of sugar which is one of the main causes of obesity and another contributor of infertility.

Excessive alcohol consumption: Consuming too much liquor, beer and wine affect sperm’s health and reduce conception rate by as much as 50%.

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