I will have a baby when I am still healthy and able to grow happily with my child.

Global society is entering an aging society. By 2021, Thailand will become an aging society, with 20% of its population age over 60 years old. It would be ideal if every family would have children to take care of them; this would be good for families themselves and also bring a solution to a national problem. 

The main reason why people today do not want children is a financial issue and limited time. People give priority to quality in bringing up children, whether social, educational, or quality of life. All leads them to believe they need to have enough funding and time to be able to provide all of the above for their children. They think that they are not ready in terms of both money and time. 

While the reality is that type of perfection does not exist, it is only an ideal situation. Any married couple, with a certain level of preparation, can have a baby. Your children might not need the best school, the largest house, or the most expensive outfit. They only need an opportunity to be born into this beautiful world showered with love from their parents; the chance to grow, hug, argue, cry, and laugh. Their happiness can be as simple as having parents who love and stay by their side. 

Do not wait until it is too late to have a child because being absolutely ready is not achievable. Let go of the old belief for the new attitude. 

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