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Bangkok IVF Center - Lard Plao

659, Pradit Manudham Road, Wangthonglong, Bangkok 10310.

Phone : 02 9331584 -6

Fax     : +66-2933-1414

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Bangkok IVF Center - Silom

7th Floor, Zone A, BNH Hospital, 9/1 Convent Road, Silom, Bangkok 10500, Thailand.

Phone : +66-2686-2885 - 6

Fax     : : +66-2686-2700 - Ext -7725

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Bangkok IVF Center provides a refund /deduction of your transporation charges from your hotel in the city to the clinic for your appointments & Treatments. To avail this option, please inform the reception when you arrive with the bill and we will offer reinmbursement for the same.

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